Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Hey y’all! So I know I haven’t posted in a long time, these twinkies take up SO much time. But today I’m going to post about wanting to help people get to Ruby and earn $500. I still want that but I have bigger plans. 
     I want more for YOU. I want to help YOU get to Diamond. Why Diamond? Because Diamond is where the magic starts to happen. Diamond is where YOU are making an average of $1900 a month (not including bonuses). Diamond is where YOU are paying off debt, saving for college, getting a new car or house, staying home with your kids or simply just breathing a little easier because you have extra income. Diamond takes hard work but it’s worth it. 

     I’m looking for TWO people who want to give this a shot. What can it hurt? This business is completely risk free! You join for $99 and get 4 wraps that are worth $99! You sell those 4 wraps for $25/skinny wrap and you’ve made your money back just like that. There are no fees or contracts, you can try it just to see if this would be a good fit for you!  
You are probably wondering what in the world is a Ruby and a Diamond and WHAT is a skinny wrap? Ask me and I’ll tell you! One thing I will tell you right now is that joining this business is changing our lives for the better.. We are already putting money into the twinkies college savings accounts!  

Please, ask me about ItWorks.
If you want to ask questions privately just email me! Vanna_rheanon@yahoo. Com
I promise I’ve been reading and keeping up with everyone’s posts, I’ve been commenting in my head and forgetting to actually type it out! Lol. Y’all are all in my prayers daily!



The Perfect Date Would Be May 18th

Ladies and Gents… We have a date! Monday! Monday is the day I go in to get these sweet babies out! I will be 37 weeks and 4 days. I have one more appointment on Friday for one more scan to be sure Baby A (Pierce) is head down and then we will schedule a time! Yay! This is all contingent of the little boogers not coming before then on their own.

At my appointment today we did a cervical check and I am still just 1 CM dilated however, I think he stirred the pot a little bit because I have been having contractions ever since. They are not painful just annoying nor are they regular or close enough for major cervical change.

My last day of work was supposed to be this Friday but after today I talked with my boss about just not coming back in because we REALLY need these babies to stay in until Friday night at the earliest! And tomorrow the OB unit is going to be hopping.. There is one repeat c-section and one induction coming in then there are two cervidil inductions that are already there. I just don’t have the energy to be that busy tomorrow or Friday and my boss totally understands. That may not sound like a lot but we usually have 2 nurses per shift and we also care for the postpartum patients as well, which there are currently 5. I’m so thankful for my boss these days, she has been so understanding! When I talked to her today she actually thanked ME for working as log as I have! How awesome!?

Anywho, I have finished washing everything that I’m willing to take the tags off of and we put together their Rock n Plays ( what they will sleep in beside our bed ) tonight. So now my job is to rest I suppose, which is hard because I’ve been off the last few days and I’ve been bored! Y’all need to kick up the posting so I have more to read!!!

I hope everyone is having a good day today. All of my blog friends are always in my prayers. I will try and keep everyone updated!

More than a Bumpdate

So today I am 34 weeks and 3 days and SO ready for my sweet little aliens to be here! Mr. B and I have been very busy over the last few weeks. On my birthday, April 2nd, that night at dinner he told me he had been offered a job as offensive coordinator at a new school one hour away from where we currently live. I knew this was coming since our good friend had taken the head coaching position at this same high school and they had always talked about working together like this until Mr. B gets his own head coach position. I cried. I cried a lot. We couldn’t have designed a worse time to move. To sell our house, for me to find a new job, to have TWINS!
Since then everything has gotten much better but still a little stressful. I came up with an agreement with my current manager for a new schedule that allows me to work every Monday and every other weekend which allows me SO much time at home with the babies. Keeping my job was very important for me because that was one thing that wasn’t changing, thank goodness! It saved my sanity. Really.
Now we are trying to sell our house. It has been on the market for about two weeks now and has been shown many times. We decided to redo the hardwood flooring and picked a really nice guy who we think just didn’t know how to work with this material so now we are having to redo the flooring a second time! Which kind of pisses me off because all of these potentials buyers can’t see what the final product will look like. We have a new floor guy who will get started this week. Ugh. It doesn’t seem like much but believe me, living this and worrying that these babies could come anytime during this chaos is a constant stressor.
So how about a Bumpdate?

We are 34 weeks and 3 days. 3 1/2 more weeks!!!!

Stretch marks arrived last week but they are still skin toned and not red and super ugly yet.

My wedding rings have been off for a long time, I’ve been wearing a ring that was always too big.

I started weekly cervical checks and NSTs at the hospital two weeks ago. Both cervical checks revealed that my cervix is closed, very thin, and low. My NSTs have been reactive and normal with some contractions but nothing to write home about.

My total weight gain has been 24 lbs so far! I am so pleased!!

I cannot wait for my little aliens to get get here and to snuggle! I packed our hospital bags ( ours and the babies’ )
Next we need to put the car seats in my car and we will be all set!!!

I will leave you with a picture my coworker took when I stopped by to talk to my manager, then another when I flashed her my belly in the parking lot at work!



Bless you all! I swear I have been reading posts and keeping up just been busy with my own mess.

My Brest Friend Pillows on Zulily

Y’all, I don’t know if anyone uses Zulily but today they have a really good deal on nursing bras and tanks AND the My Brest Friend nursing pillows ( even the twin one)!!! I ordered the twin nursing pillow and a bra for only $67!!!! Today is the LAST day for this sale though. I just wanted to share with all of you future mamas! ( I am in no way being paid for sharing my opinion, it is my own! ) :):)

HERE is the link.