What What Turkey Butt


Oh my how I have missed everyone!  I can type this because I have a little free time.  Because we are at the in laws house.  And they are playing with the babies. So I got to get a shower AND get ready!  Lol.  So I have a little time so I wanted to write a post to tell you all how thankful I am for each and every one of you.  You got me through my infertility trials with smiles.  And for that I am so very THANKFUL.  ( How tired of that word are y’all???  Lol. ).   Anywho, while we have been home we took some pictures for Christmas cards this year. I wasn’t prepared so our outfits are what they are.  I need help picking between a few of them.  Here they are: 




It is incredibly difficult to get them to smile at the same time with me taking the pictures with them.  I can get them to smile but not when I’m in the picture with them.  Here are some examples:

I really just wanted to show y’all pictures of these adorable babies.  Ha.  Shameless.  I know.  

Happy late Thanksgiving from these turkey butts!


Please comment with your vote on the best picture!  I need help!!




5 thoughts on “What What Turkey Butt

  1. I think I like #3 the most of the family pics. I love their turkey butt pjs though! And their (I’m assuming) Halloween costumes! They’re just the cutest little chub cheek babies ever!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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