What What Turkey Butt


Oh my how I have missed everyone!  I can type this because I have a little free time.  Because we are at the in laws house.  And they are playing with the babies. So I got to get a shower AND get ready!  Lol.  So I have a little time so I wanted to write a post to tell you all how thankful I am for each and every one of you.  You got me through my infertility trials with smiles.  And for that I am so very THANKFUL.  ( How tired of that word are y’all???  Lol. ).   Anywho, while we have been home we took some pictures for Christmas cards this year. I wasn’t prepared so our outfits are what they are.  I need help picking between a few of them.  Here they are: 




It is incredibly difficult to get them to smile at the same time with me taking the pictures with them.  I can get them to smile but not when I’m in the picture with them.  Here are some examples:

I really just wanted to show y’all pictures of these adorable babies.  Ha.  Shameless.  I know.  

Happy late Thanksgiving from these turkey butts!


Please comment with your vote on the best picture!  I need help!!




Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Hey y’all! So I know I haven’t posted in a long time, these twinkies take up SO much time. But today I’m going to post about wanting to help people get to Ruby and earn $500. I still want that but I have bigger plans. 
     I want more for YOU. I want to help YOU get to Diamond. Why Diamond? Because Diamond is where the magic starts to happen. Diamond is where YOU are making an average of $1900 a month (not including bonuses). Diamond is where YOU are paying off debt, saving for college, getting a new car or house, staying home with your kids or simply just breathing a little easier because you have extra income. Diamond takes hard work but it’s worth it. 

     I’m looking for TWO people who want to give this a shot. What can it hurt? This business is completely risk free! You join for $99 and get 4 wraps that are worth $99! You sell those 4 wraps for $25/skinny wrap and you’ve made your money back just like that. There are no fees or contracts, you can try it just to see if this would be a good fit for you!  
You are probably wondering what in the world is a Ruby and a Diamond and WHAT is a skinny wrap? Ask me and I’ll tell you! One thing I will tell you right now is that joining this business is changing our lives for the better.. We are already putting money into the twinkies college savings accounts!  

Please, ask me about ItWorks.
If you want to ask questions privately just email me! Vanna_rheanon@yahoo. Com
I promise I’ve been reading and keeping up with everyone’s posts, I’ve been commenting in my head and forgetting to actually type it out! Lol. Y’all are all in my prayers daily!