My Sunshine

These smiles are the only thing keeping me sane even though they are the cause of my teetering insanity! Lol. Being a mama is hard. Waaaaayyyy harder than I thought it was going to be.





7 thoughts on “My Sunshine

  1. Hey I’ve been wondering about you! These babies are just too darn cute. Sorry you’re feeling insane, but at least it’s for a good reason! Love them!

  2. beautiful babies. it is hard and even harder with TWO! you are my hero. honestly. my pregnancy started with two. we were sad to see that that baby did not continue to grow but were thrilled to have one that was growing and thriving. now that we have maeve here and i constantly say to my husband, “imagine we had two? i can’t! i just can’t”. i can only imagine how hard it is but the time flies so so fast. you are doing an AMAZING job.

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