Dairy Cow

I. Hate. Pumping.
That is all.


21 thoughts on “Dairy Cow

    • The freemie cups look awesome!! Ordering my kit now! I start back work Saturday so they might come in super handy instead of being locked away in a room. I hate having to pump so often, my supply was already borderline low while doing all interventions I can find. The babies are now sleeping 5-8 hrs a night and I do not like the idea of setting an alarm to wake up to pump. I’m just over it but I just can’t quit bc I LOVE the babies getting my BM.

  1. I exclusively pump, so I feel your pain. I’ve been feeding breast by bottle for almost 5mos!

    Word of warning about the Freemie: if you do not already have a good supply established or are pumping more than BFing OR are concerned about your supply dropping, I wouldn’t do the Freemie. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I read the reviews on Amazon and so many had issues with supply because the cups make it hard to get the right angle at your nipple, and don’t allow you to do hand compression. A Twitter friend of mine switched to Freemie and her supply halved; she went back to regular flanges and it went back up. Then again she exclusively pumps like me so…I dunno. But just beware! If you’re already having trouble with supply. It may not be the best choice.

    • I will test out the freemie, I’ve already ordered it! Lol. I need to just get over how annoyed I am with the process and quit being selfish I suppose. The benefits outweigh the extra sleep I would be getting, right? Haha

    • Haha. I’m glad I’m not alone. I feel bad for hating it so much bc it’s not really that difficult but I just hate it, I do. I need to quit whining.

      • Nope. Whine away. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve glared at my pump angrily. Especially as a low producer… I feel like its taunting me.

      • We supplement with Enfamil gentle ease. I just had some domperidone imported so i can *try* to wean off supplementing, but we’ll see! Those formula bottles are definitely a lot less stressful.

      • I’ve been taking domperidone too! Only for a week or so but that’s also been when the babies started sleeping longer. I just don’t have the heart to set an alarm to wake from perfectly good sleep. Lol.

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