21 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 21 Weeks

Babies are the size of Pomagranites

Total weight gain: I am up 12 lbs as of last week according to the doctor’s office scale. ( I quit weighing at home )

Stretch marks: Not yet but I know they are coming, my tummy is itchy and I feel like with twins, it’s inevitable no matter what cream/ lotion I use! Haha

Sleep: great most of the time

Symptoms/Feeling: I have been feeling great except a nagging round ligament pain under my left breast. At our anatomy scan the tech showed me that I have a butt and a head right under where the pain lingers! So it’s not going away anytime soon!

Miss anything: COLD ham sandwiches! I told Mr. B that is the FIRST thing I want after I deliver!

Movement: Tons of movement! I feel Pierce move a little more than Renee because she has an anterior placenta but I still feel her, just not as much.

Food cravings: Outback Bloomin’ Onion. I could eat one every day! ( please know I don’t, those things alone are like 2000 calories, lol)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Every now and then one of the babies rolls or something and I makes me feel a little queasy but just for a second

Gender: Sweet boy and Sweet girl

Labor signs: Hopefully not for a long time!

Belly button in or out: OUT! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Wedding rings on or off: off and on. Some days they don’t feel tight, some days they do.

Happy or moody most of the time: HAPPY

Best moment this week: Watching Mr. b feel the babies for the first time. I’m so in love.

Looking forward to: Our Babymoon to DC over Valentine’s weekend to visit a friend and the capitol.