Giant Baby Bump

This is an example of my Dad’s photog skillz…
These are mine…


Getting bigger by the second! I’m so glad my babies are growing!
Can’t wait to not drink any champagne on New Year’s Eve! Haha.


18 Week Bumpdate (Really, 17 weeks, 6 days)

18 Week Bumpdate ( 17.6 reallllllyyyy)

Babies are the size of  Sweet Potatoes 

Due date:  June 2nd, though we completely expect these little chickens to come in April or May
How far along:  18 Weeks. (17 weeks 6 days)  I’m cheating.
Next appointment:  January 14th for our anatomy scans
Gender:  Boy and Girl.  Pierce Matthew and Renee Michelle
Total weight gain/loss: I hit 10lbs on Christmas. 🙂
Exercise: Does taking the stairs at work count?  haha.
Stretch marks: Not yet, but I know they are coming.
Maternity clothes: Oh yes, maternity shirts with leggings or maternity pants.
Belly button:  In but it’s stretching, getting flatter.
Sleep: Starting to get a hair uncomfortable so I don’t sleep as well as I have been.
Food cravings:  Outback Bloomin’ Onion.  I picked one up and ate it in my car on Christmas Eve’s Eve. 🙂
Symptoms:  Ligament pain in my upper left abdomen through to my back (this is a constant whenever I am sitting down), emotional x10000000, major pressure in my hooha and bottom.
Movement:  I feel like I can feel one of them turning or something down in my pelvis.  You know the feeling you get in your stomach when you drive over a tiny little hill real fast and your stomach kind of drops?  That’s what it feels like in my pelvis, like twice a day.  It has to be them, I’ve never felt that before.
Labor signs: Praying these stay away for a long while.
What I miss: I was not much of a drinker before we started TTC so I knew it would not be difficult to not drink when I got pregnant, however, we got some apple pie moonshine as a gift for Christmas and I REALLY REALLY want some of that, so what I’m trying to say is I miss drinking the occasional drink whenever!  I miss feeling cute in what I wear.  I miss not hurting every time I sit down.  I miss having lots of energy.  Lol.
What I’m loving:  Hosting my sweet babies in my belly that doesn’t look cute in anything!  haha.
What I’m looking forward to:  Our anatomy scan and buying nursery furniture.
Best moment this week: Getting to open Christmas presents with our babies names on them and seeing how excited our families are about them coming.  Also, my neice was born Saturday night, she is adorable!
Next time I get dressed I will post a bump pic!

Pregnancy Survival Tips

Here are a few tips I want to help prepare my fellow blog friends for WHEN they get their BFP:

1. Don’t throw away those panty liners. This leukorrhea is no joke. Maybe twins causes the body to produce more since hormone levels may be a little higher. It’s super GA-ROSS!!!

2. The gas company should start paying you. Lol. Good gravy at the gas! I’m not eating anything out of the ordinary so the only change would be these awesome babes in my belly.

3. I may have missed the nausea/sickness bus but I am catching a long ride on the back pain train. The muscles in my chest (directly under my boobs) are spasming which is causing direct pain through to my back. It’s so much fun when I’m working a 12 hour shift and this starts to happen because the only way I get relief is to lie flat and I can’t exactly do that at work. So my tip for this one is lay flat all the time. Quit your job. Tell your significant other than you cant do anything for yourself and can’t make them dinner since it hurts to stand upright. Also, tell your friends you’ll see them later as any activity that prevents you from laying flat is prohibited.. Unless they are willing to roll you around on a stretcher. Lol.

4. Tell your significant other you will be spending some moola on maternity clothes you HaVE to have. His suggestion ” just wear sweat pants.” Well, Dear, I can’t wear sweat pants to a wedding.

I’m sure I will come up with some more before this journey is over.
***please do not mistake any of this as complaining. I thank God all day everyday for these sweet babies and wouldn’t trade anything for my gas, drainage, back pain, and growing belly. I can’t wait I for you guys to get the gas!!!



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