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We had our 2nd OB appointment today and met with another doctor at the practice. There are 7 doctors at this practice so I’m glad we got to see a different one today. I thought I really liked my OB/GYN but the doc we saw today, we LOVE! However, it’s still best if we see many of the other docs because who knows who will be on call when the time comes to deliver these babes. The one thing he said that makes me want him is that he was one of the first docs at this practice and has been doing this for a while. I asked questions about twin deliveries. At my hospital, we deliver all twins in the OR just in case we have to do a c- section to get the 2nd baby out. ( as in the second baby got so much room after the first baby comes out that they flip) I asked if that is how they do it at the hospital where we will deliver. He has tons of experience so he said he would just flip the second baby and hopefully I would be able to push it out too! I will try everything to not have a c-section! Unless of course the babies are in any danger, the safest way possible.
Without further ado, here are our little papooses!!!

This is an awful picture but the best one they could get with both of them. We got tons of pictures of Baby A but Baby B was being shy. I loved seeing them bounce around!
I hope everyone is having a great week!


11 Week Bumpdate

I have to post early because I am working tomorrow.

How Far Along?:
10 weeks and 6 days! Where has the time gone???

Total Weight Gain:
still 3-4 pounds depending in what time I weigh ๐Ÿ™‚

Maternity Clothes?
No but I need some, I’ve been squeaking by with my belly band, tees, leggings, and the only pair of low rise jeans I own.

Stretch Marks?
Heck to the no. I’ve been putting coco butter on in the morning and Burt’s Bees Wax Mama Belly butter and their oil on in the evenings.

Pretty good. I don’t wake up to pee, I just wake up around 2-3 am but I can usually fall back asleep pretty fast.

Best Moment This Week?
Using the Doppler at work and hearing one of their heartbeats! And then letting my husband hear it, he got all giddy. I love watching him love these babies even though they aren’t here yet!

waaayyy too early.

Food Cravings:
No cravings, just all things food related. :).

Anything making you queasy?
When I start starving if I donโ€™t eat ASAP, I feel sick.

Baby Bump:.
Oh yes, it was noticed quite a few times this week while I was at work.

Gender Prediction:
I am going with boy and girl!

Labor Signs:
Wayyy too early!

Belly Button In Or Out:
Um, it’s starting to look a little strange like it might be starting to stretch. I hope I get one of the flat ones! Haha

Wedding Rings on or off:

Happy or Moody:

Making it to 10 weeks. We are a fourth of the way done!

These bump pictures are awkward to take.. I tried to get my husband to take one…


He needs to keep his day job!

Here’s mine: