Do You Like to Keep Your Money?

Hey y’all! So since we’ve taken a vacay been forced from TTC this month I have been preparing for the cost of our first injectables IUI. I have called many pharmacies, googled stuff trying to find a deal, even as far as phoning a pharmacist friend of mine to see if he could get me these drugs on the DL! Only half kidding about that. This is what I have found.. Infertility is freaking racket! I can’t imagine how those who don’t have insurance or insurance only covering so much of procedures feel writing these checks out! Mr. B and I are spoiled by our insurance and are getting a sweet sour taste of what it’s like on the other side. That being said, we still have 2 covered IUIs left, and our insurance is picking up 50% percent of the medication cost, but still!!!
On to my findings: I am being prescribed Follistim AQ but in my findings and a quick call to the NP at my RE’s office I will be getting Gonal-f instead. They are the same thing, why not use the cheapest! Now, here is the best part, there is a program by EMD Serona that helps out with uninsured AND the insured, like me! There is a copay card that you can print off and take to a participating pharmacy with your prescription! One of the participating pharmacies is in the same town as my RE! Woohoo! I called today and they give an extra discount! WHAT???. Madness! Chances are though, they will probably only be able to use my insurance as primary and the co-pay card as secondary and no discount because they can only use two. HERE is the website for those of you who need it. All you do for the co-pay card is give them your email address then you print off the card yourself. You can use it more than once!
AND there is a program called Compassionate Care Program that according to your income you can get up to 75%off of certain medications!!! We only qualified for 10% but we won’t be able to use it, the co-pay card helps us a bit more. All you do to qualify for this is to send them a copy of some tax forms for last year and fill out tier short and easy application. It says they respond with an email however, I got a letter in the mail the very next week. Fast and easy.
I hope this information I helpful to someone because money ain’t cheap! Lol.


Med question..

Hey y’all!
When y’all ordered your Follistim or Gonal-F, how many units did y’all order TOTAL? The Follistim comes in 150 – 975 units a syringe. My daily dose will be 150/units a day. But I don’t know how many days I will definitely be taking this medication and how much he will alter after the first five days taking it. I know it’s a month away but I’m just curious to see how much you guys ordered before starting injectables.

Something Witty Goes Here:

Okay, so I’ll say this first because it hurts but guys, I’m not pregnant. ย Whew. ย Done. ย IUI #6 = FAILED. ย  LOL. ย ( Maybe not laughing that loudly, just a little bit.) ย The only good thing about this is that I haven’t had too much time to sulk about it. I started yesterday, Tuesday, and had an appointment with my RE scheduled for today, Wednesday. ย He planned this so that we could do a beta if I hadn’t started, or not waste any time discussing our new plan of attack. I am so excited about doing something different – FINALLY!

Our new strategy:

– have lab work drawn while in the office today: ย TSH and T4 to check and make sure my hypothyroidism is still in check. ย AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone) to make sure I have an egg reserve. ย 

– come in for an SHG ( Sonohystogram) next week! ย An SHG is kind of like an ultrasound where they inject a liquid, probably normal saline into the cervix to view the uterine cavity. ย My RE said that “sometimes” women can develop scarred tissue after a uterine septoplasty and this will give us an inside look to check things out. ย My uterine septoplasty was back in October.

– take a break this month due to having just been on a medicated cycle with Clomid before starting Follitism in July

– as soon as I start next month, give the office a call and I will go in for a baseline ultrasound and get this party started!!! ย I get a date with the dildo cam. ๐Ÿ™‚

We have two more IUIs that insurance will pay for, hopefully one of the two will work with this new Follitism and trigger shot. ย Mr. B and I have “kinda” talked about IVF but it is not likely because of the cost. ย My place of employment donates $5000 for a round of IVF for employees but there is still that $7000-$10,000 left to pay for so I might apply for a grant for the rest, maybe we would have a higher chance at getting the grant if we had a little bit to put towards a grand total. ย All of these things are a longshot. ย 

Alright then, that’s all for now. ย Good luck to everyone out there on their TWW!




5 More days!

Five more days until I can test! Good luck to all of us enduring this two week wait together! Fingers crossed and heck tons of baby dust! I’m gonna try and stay away from Dr. Google’s office and here and focus on my work weekend and try and plan a vacay for Mr. B and I this summer. Sound good?

I get by with a little help from my friends..

So for a little while yesterday and for about two hours today I have been having some twingey cramps on my right side in the ovary section, next to the produce isle. Lol, I’m tired. I am 6 days post IUI, what do these twinges mean? Is AF coming 8 days early?? Though I never cramp that early before AF. I’m trying to stay out of Dr. Google’s office so I’m gonna leave it to the real experts for some advice. YOU GUYS!. What do y’all think it is??