Assume the Position

Welp, IUI #6 is complete! Mr. B had good numbers.. 40 million motile sperm to exact. Not his best but it only takes one! Lol! Isn’t that what everyone ALWAYS says?! Haha. They said I had great watery cervical mucous so that’s a plus as well. I’ve been increasing the amount of water I drink daily, from none to 4-6 glasses. Maybe that helped. Thanks for the ears guys! Y’all are the best! Here are some pictures of the awesome view I had this morning:




Cheers to the TWW!



Y’all, I have been going absolutely mad all day today. We finally got our smiley face today (positive with our CBD OPK)! Yay for that! However, after I tested at 11:30 as I have been instructed (between 11-2), I called to have the answering service page the nurse or MD on call to schedule our IUI for tomorrow, the freaking phone rang as if they were open! It’s Memorial Day! They aren’t freaking open! They have ONLY ONE number to be reached listed on their website, it’s used for emergencies, too! So since they didn’t do their due diligence with the phone stuff, my phone call was not forwarded to the answering service. I actually called 32 times. Reading that back, I think to myself that I am absolutely certifiably insane. I mean, that is what the smart people say about insanity, right?

“Insanity: doing the same action over and over again expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

I gave up for a few hours after the 2 o’clock deadline and laid out in the sun for a while. I gave it a whirl again around 4:30 after office hours and it forwarded me to the answering service! What?!! Amazeballs!! I was ecstatic! The person on call was actually my RE. I told him that we needed to schedule our IUI for the next morning which he agreed happily. Then, before I let him off the phone I asked him politely of they were open today and he might as well have said “Hell no.” Lol. He actually said “no, it’s Memorial Day?!” I then told him about the phone issues he said ” no wonder I’ve only been getting phone calls starting at 4 all weekend, thank you!” I hope I helped someone else by telling him, hopefully it won’t happen again in the case of an actual infertility emergency. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, tomorrow morning we are off for IUI #6. Wish us luck!


A New Low

Today I had a morning /lunch date with my best friend. She wanted to go shopping for a comb that goes in front of your veil then to lunch. I asked her to remind me that I needed to POAS before two o’clock. ( my RE prefers sometime between 11-2 for optimal ovulation testing). I also have to notify the RE’s office if I get my smiley face so that Mr. B and I can go in for IUI #6 the next morning. We had a wonderful time shopping and lunch was delicious. I got back to my car and headed home. As I was driving I realized I needed to get gas or I wouldn’t make it home so I stopped at a gas station nearby that is also a truck stop. I looked at the clock and it said 1:44!!!! OMG! I hadn’t POAS yet! Bad best friend!!! I thought about driving away and pulling over somewhere on the side of the road where no one would see and pee in a cup that’s in my car. Then I thought, why not just take this old cup in to the truck stop restroom and walk quietly back to the car and dip the stick then. The side of the road sounded so much better when I walked in and saw this restroom. I was so worried someone was gonna walk in and see my cup of pee as I was washing my hands. But I did it! Gross pee cup, gross bathroom, and all! All though all of this worry was for not because I didn’t get my smiley face. On to POAS tomorrow! When telling my husband about all of this, all he had to say was that I needed better time management skills while pushing me away telling me I needed to take a shower since I had been in a truck stop restroom! Lol.

Maybe we will get our smiley tomorrow! I hope y’all are having a great week!

Bromelain.. My new best friend

I haven’t had much to do at work today, it’s a slow day for having babies. With that said I’ve had a lot of time to surf the ‘net.

I wanted to look up ways to increase your chances if a successful IUI whether it be an actual clinical study or just a theory. This first one I am bloggin’ about is just a theory.


Pineapple core contains an enzyme called bromelian that reduces inflammation and is also a mild blood thinner which helps make the uterine lining sticky and helps with implantation! Cool, right? I’ve never heard of such but I’m definitely giving it a try this go round!

There is a certain time to eat it, as with other theories eating it too early can inhibit pregnancy or induce miscarraige.

-First, speak with your doctor before taking my advice, this is in no way medical advice!

-Eat it after you have ovulated, the acidity of the pineapple can affect your cervical mucous
Here’s how:


I first found this info on a blog that I found when I googled IUI success tips, here’s the link to her blog. Be forewarned, she is preggers so…


My body is freaking regressing to its pre-pubescent state! I’ve never not had a period in the freakin 15 years since I’ve started! And my body wants to start acting up now!!!

I’m super ticked at my body right now. I have decided that when I have to call my RE in 6 days to tell them I haven’t started that I would like to do the injectables instead of another round of clomid. I obviously didn’t ovulate this cycle and if I’m gonna have to have medicine to bring it on I may as well use all the others also. Right?? I really hope he doesn’t make me wait a cycle before getting to try though. I have already basically wasted two cycles!
Has anyone else’s body down this to them? I mean, seriously. I wasn’t extra stressed, just the usual infertile thoughts. But now I am!! Now I am a freakin looney toon! I must get back to work, hope everyone has a great day!

I shit you not as soon as I posted this I went to the restroom and AF showed! Woo! I have never wanted my period so bad! My faith in my body has been restored! I suppose I need more patience.. 5 days late isn’t so bad but I was freaking out! Thanks for the ears guys!

Cray cray here..

I am super cray cray!. I still have no signs of AF coming so being the control freak that I am I called my OB, not my RE, because he is in my area. The OB nurse was zero help and told me I had to call my RE and wouldn’t let me leave a message for my MD. I called my RE and left a message for the nurse. I felt rushed about all of this because I worked Monday and Tuesday, today is my only day off and I work Thursday through Sunday and at my facility I can’t just ask any MD to order some labs for me, I dint want to abuse any relationships, and all of these are 12 hr shifts so no going to an office when I get off. I was surprised how quickly the RE nurse called back! It usually takes them forever! Woo hoo! She was so sweet and understanding to my craziness and all of my questions! She immediately faxed over an order to my OB for the labwork.

I asked her if I could have a serum quantitative HCG. She said yes! I asked what do I do if it is still negative and AF still doesn’t show. I’ll have to call on CD40 and they will order a shot of progesterone to get my AF started again so then I can start my next cycle of clomid! I’m ready to know either way! Fingers crossed for me please just for an answer, it’s weird because I’ve never skipped a month! Thanks y’all!


Hey guys!
I have a quick question for anyone having taken clomid. I have looked online and can’t find an answer. I took clomid in February and March with no luck. We took a break in April ( with MD’s advice then he changed his mind and wanted us to try one more cycle of clomid) before we started gonadatropins, so no clomid since March. We are we awaiting my AF to start this last cycle of clomid, but no AF yet. My cycle is usually 28 days, or has been for the last six months with and without clomid. It is now CD30! I know, it’s not very late but what the heck?? Does clomid alter your cycle length months after taking?? A simple solution would be to take a HPT but I feel I need to torture myself about it a little longer. Any thoughts my friends? Let’s hear ’em!

Re-reading this, it’s not so quick.
Sorry I’m not sorry. ๐Ÿ™‚